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5K PCR personnel to get masks in bid to ward off deadly smog

New Delhi: When there is an emergency call, PCR reaches first even at the time of deadly smog which had engulfed Delhi affecting the health of the residents. Seeing the situation, city police will now give masks to the police personnel posted with PCR.
The senior police official told Millennium Post that approx 5,000 PCR personnel who are manning the streets and vulnerable spots in the Capital will get the masks which will help them to combat smog and pollution. Police sources claimed that the PCR which is deployed all over the Capital daily checked more than 1,000 spots in the Capital.
Apart from the spot, the PCR van also check the areas close to school and colleges to check the safety and security. "We also check the markets and other places," said a police official.
In a briefing, senior police officers have told PCR personnel to take care of themselves and also to take proper precautions for smog.
Deputy Commissioner of police (PCR) Monika Bharadwaj stated that the PCR personnel will soon get the masks.
Sources further claimed that no health-related complaints have come to the PCR but in general, there are also conscious and alert about the deadly smog which has engulfed the city. Yoga classes have been regularly going on to maintain fitness as well as to live a healthy life. Not only PCR, police sources claimed that the different district police in the Capital will soon get the masks to fight the smog in the Capital.
Earlier, Delhi Traffic Police issued an advisory after speeding cars rammed into each other due to low visibility on the Yamuna Expressway.
Delhi Traffic Police has advised that motorists observe certain precautions to avoid accidents and related injuries.
"Don't stop on the traveled portion of the road. You could become the first link in a chain-reaction collision. Don't speed up suddenly, even if the fog seems to be clearing. You could find yourself suddenly back in fog," the further advisory read.

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