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50 police stations don't have buildings, but they operate

50 police stations dont have buildings, but they operate

New Delhi: More than 50 police stations in Delhi do not have their own buildings. They are operating out of either in police posts, porta cabins or rented premises, claimed the data of Delhi Police Annual Report of 2018.

Meanwhile, in 194 police stations across the city, 133 are running in regular buildings. According to Delhi Police data, seven police stations buildings are under construction."As many as 13 police stations are functioning in rented premises, while four are running inside premises of other police station buildings," data added.

The data further claimed that as many as 21 police stations are running in temporary structures, semi-permanent and porta cabins whereas the construction work of seven police stations is under progress. Around 16 police stations are currently running in police post buildings.

Police claimed that the constructions of four buildings projects was completed last year with constant review and liaison work with the concerned executing agencies and civic bodies. The project includes four police stations and 312 staff quarters.

Satisfaction level among cops only 18.45 per cent

According to Delhi Police, presently the satisfaction level of residential accommodation for personnel is only 18.45 per cent. "To increase housing satisfaction level for constabulary of Delhi Police, a plan to construct 48 56 quarters at Dheerpur is under process. Similarly, the maximum number of type-two and type-three quarters in Delhi Police housing projects are being planned," the Annual report claimed.

There are six types of quarters. For type one quarters- the level of satisfaction is 11.43 per cent. "For type two quarters the satisfaction level is 29.25 per cent, type three quarters-29.44 per cent, type four quarters- 17.35 per cent and in type five, level of satisfaction is 75.94 per cent," police said. Type six quarters which are allocated to CP, Special CP, Joint CP and Additional CP, the level of satisfaction is only 09.43 per cent.

At present,1037 staff quarters are under construction under plan head (Delhi Police Building Programme). Besides, 147 staff quarters are at the tender, planning stage, which is likely to be started shortly. The 80 per cent of construction work of New Police Headquarters has been completed.

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