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45-minute traffic blockade leaves Gurugram commuters high and dry

Gurugram: Traffic jam in Gurugram, especially along the Delhi border, is not a new challenge for the commuters to grapple with each day. On Tuesday however, things became worse for the commuters as not only the Delhi Metro snag but the logistic problems at the Sirhaul border along the Delhi-Jaipur expressway caused a 45-minute waiting time for the commuters and a traffic blockade that extended up to two kilometres.

The situation was at its worse from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm when there was a heavy rush on the Gururgam roads owing to office hours. What made the situation worse for the commuters was that more vehicles came on the city roads after it came to be known that there was a technical snag and the delay due to the stoppages ranging for hours.

According to sources, rush at the Delhi-Gurugram border along the MG road was attributed to the technical snag on the Yellow Line of Delhi Metro.The commuters faced hassles at Andheria Modh, Ghitorni, Lado Sarai, Sikanderpur.

On the other hand, the huge traffic jam at the Sirhaul border was caused due to the system breakdown owing to the sudden rush of the vehicles. Angry at the situation, most of the commuters did not shy away in asserting that how the lack of coordination between Delhi and Gurgram traffic police further worsened the situation. "The situation is in a mess. I have been stuck in the jam for more than an hour. The unfortunate aspect is that you do not even know that what is the main reason for such a huge jam," said Avijit Das, one of the city commuters who was stuck at the Sirhaul border.

Even though the situation at the Delhi–Gururgam border was brought under control, the movement of the traffic remained slow. Besides a large number of passenger vehicles, there are also commercial vehicles which use the route to not only go to Delhi but also to areas of Haryana and Rajasthan. To ease the traffic jam, an underpass is expected to be built around the Ambience Mall area. As the project is in its initial stages, this further slows the traffic.

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