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43% of rape accused were known to victims: Police

43% of rape accused were known to victims: Police

New Delhi: The analysis of rape cases which took place in the year 2018 revealed that the accused were known to the victim, police said.

Delhi Police analysis revealed that 43 per cent of the accused in rape cases were either friends or family friends, 16.25 per cent were neighbours, 12.04 per cent were relatives, 2.89 per cent were co-workers, 22.86 per cent were other known persons. 2.5 per cent of the accused were not known to the victim, police added.

According to Delhi Police data, 2,043 cases of rapes were registered last year as compared to 2,059 cases in 2017 and 2,065 cases in 2016.

In 2018, 3,175 cases of molestation were reported as compared to 3,275 cases the year before that and 4,032 cases in 2016. The Delhi Police claimed that they have given emphasis on the popularisation of 'Himmat Plus'.

"Identification of dark stretches and sharing with civic agencies is also done," said police officer. Police have requested the Delhi government for improving last mile connectivity and also requested the Social Welfare Department for initiating programmes for awareness and education in slums and places recording higher incidents of crime against women. According to police they have informed the civic agencies about the dark patches in the city and also directed BPOs to ensure the safety of lady employees while dropping them back to their respective residences which have also helped in curbing crime against women.

Senior Citizen:

To control crime against senior citizens in Delhi, local police conducted 34,097 security audits, beat officers made cumulative 5,23,056 visits to senior citizens and 3,78,794 telephone calls were made to senior citizens.

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