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30 industrial units sealed for causing pollution

30 industrial units sealed for causing pollution

Gurugram: Taking stern action against those industrial units causing pollution, the Haryana state pollution control board (HSPCB) sealed 30 industrial units. The strict measures against the industrial units were anticipated as the public agency had serviced notices to various industrial units that were causing pollution.

Over 800 such units have been issued notices. Moreover, based on the evaluation, the HSPCB has also categorised industries into various zones based on the pollutions of these units. Around 230 units have been placed under the red category, the highest level for those causing maximum pollution. Next, in line are 360 units that have been placed under the orange category. Less than 100 industries have been placed under the green category as these industries are not contributing in polluting city's air.

To begin with, the officials have asked the polluting industries to have a measuring device that makes them aware of the pollutants that are being generated from their production activities.

Subsequently, the owners and managers of these enterprises have also been directed to devise mechanism or introduce technology that can prevent their contribution in polluting Gurugram's air.

The officials have also some of the units especially those under the red category that lack of measures taken on their part may result in strict action being taken against them.

Dust pollution, poisonous gases discharged by diesel vehicles and open burning of garbage are some of the other factors cited for poor quality of air prevailing in Gurugram.

Even as strict orders have been issued by the National Green Tribunal to not allow the burning of the waste, the brazenness of not following the law can be witnessed in various densely populated areas of the city.

"There is a need for sustained and committed effort in dealing with such a major challenge. Unfortunately few days of favourable weather conditions cannot help us escape from the big challenge that surrounds us. The citizens and the government must collaborate together to fight this menace. Unfortunately, even though the awareness about pollution has improved, the proactiveness about it has not changed much," said Shweta Narang, a city resident.

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