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3 held for teen murder, 'upset with victim's chats with girl'

New Delhi: Two persons were arrested and a juvenile was apprehended after they killed their friend in South Delhi's Mehrauli area. Police claimed that the plan was hatched after a girl with whom one of the accused used to chat informed that the victim was taking interest in her and this activity of deceased was taken adversely by his killer friend.
The family claimed that after committing the crime the accused and their family had joined search operation of the deceased who was missing from Saturday, only to know police investigation. According to police, the accused were identified as Aakash, Naveen and a juvenile who were apprehended after their sustained interrogation.
It all started on Saturday when 17-year-old Jaydeep Goyal, a resident of Mehrauli went for the temple in Chhatarpur from his house.
According to family, he used to visit temple on Saturday but this time he did not return. It was around 9: 30 pm on Saturday when his mother made a phone call to his son and asked him. The shocker came when she heard another person picking the call and telling her that he will kill his child if they did not pay 20 lakh rupees. The family asked the kidnappers that where they should come with the money. The accused told them that he will tell them next morning. Police were informed and the search was made in this regard. Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (south) Chinmoy Biswal stated that technical surveillance was mounted and they have found out the location of the last phone call. The police team has also found the deceased's scooty. While scanning the CCTV footage, police found that there were three persons on a bullet motorcycle and their face was covered with clothes. Later, police team found out that the Bullet belongs to a friend of the deceased.
Meanwhile, accused came at the home of the deceased and shown fake sympathy. The family members of the accused were also at the house and helping the family on the search .
''We think that the accused and his family were seeing the police investigation so that they can dodge the police," said Naresh.
The family was shocked to know that they have killed the Jaydeep. "We treated them as children and in turn they killed Jaydeep," said one of the family member. The accused also changed their voice when he was talking to the deceased mother. They also got the idea from a crime serial." Said Naresh. Police claimed that during sustained interrogation, the accused disclosed that Naveen had developed the close friendship with a girl, studying in the same school in which deceased was studying.
Accused Naveen and that girl used to chat since last one and half month. The girl informed Naveen that Jaideep is taking interest in her and this activity of Jaideep was taken adversely by Naveen. In order to teach a lesson to Jaideep, he hatched a criminal conspiracy with his two friends Akash and one JCL.
Police also claimed that the accused knew that deceased Jaideep used to visit the Shani Dham Temple regularly and they find it the good opportunity. After reaching there, they started talking to each other.
As per plan, Naveen went behind Jaideep and strangulated him with the help of 'gamchha (a towel size cloth) and dumped the body in DDA jungle.
Thereafter, Naveen took the motorcycle and ask the JCL to abandon the same near Maidan Garhi, Chhattarpur area near jungle.
Naveen also took out the wallet of deceased. As per the plan, they abandoned the vehicle near the jungle, leaving the key inside. They also designed a plan of ransom to divert attention of police so that they could not catch the actual culprits.
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