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220 unregistered Ggn schools get notice for instant closure

Gurugram: After the direction of Punjab and Haryana high court, the District education department has sent notices to 220 unregistered schools in Guurgram and have demanded their immediate closure.

Moreover, they have also asked the Gurugram police to file the FIR against the management of such schools.

The strict stand has not gone well with the private school institution that has suggested that there are more than 60,000 students who are studying in these schools.

It has also suggested that there are 250 teachers whose livelihood will also be adversely affected by the move.

To register their protest a protest march was held on Thursday towards the District mini -secretariat where the protestors later met wit district commissioner Amit Khatri and shared their grievances.

There are over 300 unlicensed schools that are functional in the district.

As most of these private schools are not registered they too getaway in charging exorbitant sums from the


For long it has been alleged by educations activists and aggrieved parents that the district administration has not penalised these unlicensed schools some of it are operational since 2007.

Most of these schools have been given a leeway by the government to function as most of the quality private schools in the city are not able to accommodate the students.

There have been various incidents in the past where schools that consisting of 300 to 500 students have closed down abruptly

Various schools on the pretext of enhancement of facilities and implementation of seventh pay commission had increased their school fees.

This has led to thousands of parents protesting against such schools not only in Gurugram but also in Delhi.

For long there has been a complaint that it is a tactic by thees schools to harass the parents of paying more fees the parents highlighted that how in the past the school has been non-transparent in its ways.

They have also highlighted that they will not withdraw their wards from the school and if required will raise the matter to the higher officials.

Earlier the schools have operated under different names in order to get licences for obtaining the licence for an educational institute.

"We really hope that the public agencies really rein in these schools because the lack of action by the authorities has resulted in these schools now running an education mafia where the middle-class parents are financially exploited as they do not have an option. At the same time it should be done in a planned manner and not in a way where the future of students is at stake," said Mahima Yadav one of the aggrieved parents.

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