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21-year-old man dies from diarhorrea in Ggn hospital

A 21-year-old person who was suffering from severe form of Diahorrea died on July 28 at the washroom in Government hospital in Gurugram. Admitted for treatment, the youth had gone to washroom to vomit because of the complications caused by his illness. The deceased has been identified as Asgar who was from Sohna Chowk area of the city. The administration has handed over the body to his family.
Senior officials at the hospital mentioned that though the deceased was suffering from Diahorrea other causes leading to his demise is also being inquired. The number of patients getting affected by water borne diseases like Diahorrea and Typhoid does not seem to recede in Gurugram. There are more than 150 patients suffering from these diseases that visit the public hospital on daily basis. According to officials from the city health department more cases are being reported from the older parts of the city.
Medical experts highlight that over 30 per cent cases that are reported due to consumption of contaminated food and water. In a survey conducted by the District Health Department in densely populated areas of Gurugram 40 out of 75 water samples that were collected failed the purity test.
Recently more than 45 cases of Diahorrea were registered from Shanti Nagar area of Old Gurugram in which the youngest person to get affected was only 4 months of age. Various camps are being organised by the District Health Department where the residents are made aware of preventive measures against water-borne diseases like Diahorrea and Typhoid.
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