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21 criminals arrested in March for supplying drugs

Gurugram: The Gurugram police have arrested 21 criminals supplying drugs and 18 cases have been registered under the narcotics drugs and psychotropic substances act in the month of March itself.

Gurugram police are cracking down on drug mafia and illegal liquor cartels as the election near.

According to law enforcement officials, the mafia involving in this form of illegal trade becomes active as they can make big profits during this time.

The millennium city is apparently witnessing a rise in the illegal trade of marijuana with the police have seized 60 kg of the banned substance worth around Rs 80 lakh in March.

"We have registered 18 FIRs linked to the trade and transportation of contraband. Of this, 17 are linked to marijuana export," said a senior police official from Gurugram police.

The law and order challenge posed by drug mafia posed in Haryana can be gauged from the fact that in 2017 over 2000 criminals involved in the crime of drug trafficking were arrested.

Being the richest district of the state the drug mafia along with illegal liquor trade is now posing a major law and order challenge to law enforcement officials.

On Tuesday, there were seven drug traffickers that were arrested. In one of the incident, a person was arrested with 35 kilograms of the sulpha drug.Not only are the officials from Gurugram police, but now even the special task force (STF) has become involved in curbing the drug mafia in the city.

According to sources most of the big criminal gangs that are operating in the city are now shifting their focus from illegal land deals, extortion to transportation and supply of drugs. While Synthetic drugs like Ganja, Sulfa are in high demand other forms like charas, Opium and heroin are also gaining popularity.

In the recent arrest made by Gurugram police, seven people have been arrested for trafficking methadone drug that is believed to be the new addition.

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