2 newborns die every day in Gurugram

2 newborns die every day in Gurugram

Gurugram: Neo-natal and maternal healthcare seems to be a major challenge in Gurugram.

In a recent data released by district health department Gurugram there have been 117 deaths of newborns in Gurugram from March to May this year. This means on an average of two infants die every day in Gurugram. Moreover, seven mothers too died during this period during conceiving their child.

The data stated that most of the deaths have been due to suffocation of the newborn during birth that was either caused by poor breastfeeding and eating process that was adopted by the parents. Other factors that lead to the deaths were diahorrea, pneunomia and hypothermia, a medical emergency where the infant loses life as it does not produce much heat in the body.

According to medical experts who prepared the medical report the irregaular body weight also was also the main cause of the deaths. Most of the infants who were born were underweight and hence too weak to survive to opine the medical experts in the officials' report.

"The report is being prepared to prepare a roadmap where we can improve the maternal and neo-natal healthcare requirements. We have identified certain challenges in our medicare systems which we will try to improve in the coming months," said a senior doctor from the district healthcare department.

"A major reason for the deaths is also due to the lack of awareness in the breastfeeding process. It is important for the infant to burp during breatfeeding to ensure that the milk nutrients are being digested by the infant. In most of the cases, the infant is not able to do so and therefore die," added the senior medical expert.

While there may be host of factors that may be the causes for the deaths of infants, the district hospital is also grappling with the challenge of providing better services for the gynaecology department.

In the past there have been deaths that have been reported as the expected mothers were not able to get the beds or worse there were no ambulances that was present for them to be taken to other hospitals.

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