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180 degree angle firing at Priya made husband's role suspicious

New Delhi: Though Pankaj planned the murder of his wife meticulously but the Delhi police investigators were not in a mood to be fooled so easily. The fact that Priya was shot at 180 degree angle made the cops suspicious of the role of the husband who was sitting at the driver's seat. Also, the carbon marks on the entrance wound "tattooing' also indicated that Priya was shot at almost point blank range.
This made the cops suspicious of the husband's role and confronted him with the position of the men who he said allegedly surrounded them in the car. Later, the CCTV footage of the road also nailed his lies as no car was seen following them.
"What makes the murder more horrific is the fact that Priya was murdered by Pankaj in the car while her 2 year old child was in her lap," said Vijayantha Arya, Additional DCP North West.
"When Pankaj told us that his wife Priya insisted to show him the house of the money lenders he had borrowed money from, we knew something was being cooked up given the timing of the incident," said an investigator.
Pankaj was shooting his wife dead called the police himself to evade ay suspicion by cops and also took her to a private hospital.
Pankaj in the hospital washed his hands so as to remove the gunpowder from his fingers. He tried immediately to mislead the cops and told them they have been attacked by goons who shot his wife dead.
"Inconsistencies in Pankaj's statement made us narrow our probe and he confessed to have killed his wife," said Joint CP Northern range, Rajesh Khurana.
Pankaj who was also having a secret marriage with another woman planned murder of his wife and tried misleading the cops to money lenders he had borrowed his money from.
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