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15 children go missing from Ggn every month

15 children go missing from Ggn every month

Gurugram: On Tuesday, January 29, two -and -a half-year-old Priyanshu was kidnapped from his house in Om Nagar by a lady named Kanta who was planning to take the toddler to Bihar.

The plans failed as the Gurugram police were able to arrest her after five hours since abduction.

Priyanshu was lucky but for most of the children the city has not been that safe as the official data reveals that on an average of 15 children go missing from the city every month.

In 2018, there was a total of 187 children that were abducted.

Out of this, there were 50 boys and 137 girls. 2018 as a year has been a continuation of previous years where the growing list of missing children continue to pose major law and order challenge for the Gurugram police.

In the period of five years from 2012-2017, a total of 1,062 children went missing from the city.

Out of this 677 were girls and 385 were boys. What has been of even greater concern that most of the children have not been found.

Out of the 385 boys that were missing, 205 have been missing till date and for minor girls, the figure stands at 312 girls being recovered and 365 minors missing till date.

Totaling up the figures 570 children missing in the last five years have not been traced as yet by the district police.

2018 as a year also did not change this dubious trend. 21 out of 50 minor boys were found by the district police while 51 out of 137 girls were successfully recovered.

Despite tall claims by the Gurugram police, the mafia of child traffickers continue to maintain their stronghold in the area.

In July 2018, six children ranging from 6 to 12 years of age went missing from the Chakkarpur area that is just a few metres away from MG road. One of the minors identified as Paramjeet (12) was suffering from a mental disease.

Not only child traffickers but also the close relatives have been arrested in the past for kidnapping the minors from their own household.

In 2008, at the age of just 10 years, a minor was abducted by by her uncle Santosh who took her to eastern Uttar Pradesh where he kept her in captive and raped her several times.

Later, he sold her to a person in Noida named Ashok Tiwari who too sexually exploited her.

The ordeal of the survivor finally ended after 10-year when she was somehow able to escape from the house and lodged a complaint against her tormentors leading to their arrest.

Citizens from all classes seems to have been victimised from this crime. Ajit Singh (61) and Usha (59) have been waiting for their son Sachin for eight long years. Sachin, then, 15 was kidnapped while on his way to school on Janauary 31, 2011.

Despite the FIR being registered by the police in the case, Sachin has not been found as yet.

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