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'125 public toilets now fully functional in Gurugram'

Gurugram: The officials of Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) on Tuesday claimed that under Swachh Bharat Mission, 125 toilets have been constructed and are now fully functional.
Providing the figures in all four zones of the city, there have been 54 toilets that have been constructed in zone-1, 48 in zone 2, 14 in zone 3 and 9 in zone 4. The announcement comes at a time when the city is trying to improve its ranking in cleanliness survey mandated by the central government.
The Millennium Post had comprehensively reported that even though there were more than 100 toilets that had been constructed, most of it was locked and thereby out of reach for public.
With MCG not getting land in the densely populated areas of the city, it is mostly opening public toilets near the surrounding villages that is not been frequented on a large number by passerby.
Meanwhile, not only in the sectors but also in posh areas like MG road and Golf Course road, lack of public toilets continues to be a major problem in the city.
There have also been complaints that lack of toilets is resulting in most of labourers openly defecating in vacant areas especially in Sectors 37, 46, 39, 45 where lot of construction activities are taking place.
While public agencies have been actively promoting the feat achieved by the city of being ODF, its residents do not seem to be impressed by the claims. Ever since the announcement has been made, residents have taken to social media and have been lambasting the state agencies of not knowing the ground situation.

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