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125 phones recovered from Bhondsi jail

Gurugram: In what raises serious questions over systems of jail functioning, the recent official data says that 125 phones have been recovered in 11 months from Bhondsi jail.

While the speculation over the prisoners using communication mediums to keep in touch with their members outside was always rife, the information again provides the following trend.

Citing the possibility of the jail officials colluding with the criminals in allowing them to use the mediums of communication, the senior official in Gurugram police stated that action will be initiated against such officials.

In order to prevent the jailed culprits from using mobile phones, the jail authorities have begun the process of installing mobile jammers at the jail premises. Under the phases, the first phase of jammers has already been installed. The jammer will block the mobile signals within a range of 70 metres.

Criminals from as many as six dreaded gangs are presently being locked up in the city jail. These gangs include Manjeet Mahal gang, Kaushal gang, Kishan gang, Hayatpuri gang, Sandeep Gadoli gang and Binder Gujjar gang.

Most of the members from these gangs have been charged under serious offences like extortion, burglaries and murders.

Not only in Gurugram but criminals of these gangs also have various cases filed in states of Haryana, Rajasthan Uttrakhand and Delhi.

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