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123 government schools in Ggm without a single female teacher

Gurugram: A survey conducted by Haryana Government's education department has found that there are 123 government schools in Gurugram without a single female teacher.

All these schools combined have a total student population of more than 20,000. The information has highlighted that there are fewer female teachers being employed in Gurugram's government schools. A large number of the schools where there are no female teachers are in areas like Pataudi, Farrukh Nagar, Sohna and also in Gurugram city.

The data showed that Pataudi had 42 schools without a female teacher, 40 such schools were identified in Sohna, Farrukh Nagar had 35 of these schools and Gurugram Urban had six schools without a female teacher.

Moreover, of the 123 government schools in the district without a female teacher, 95 are primary schools, 20 are secondary schools and eight are senior secondary schools.

There is a total of 596 government schools in Gurugram District. Of these, the maximum number of schools are primary schools (356). Secondary schools are next in line numbering 125 and there are 115 senior secondary schools in the district.

"We have been conducting a survey to find the number of teachers that are employed in the public schools. We are going to be making improvements based on these findings and make sure that there is a proper representation of teachers in the public schools," said a senior official from Gurugram District Administration.

The survey comes at a time when the Haryana government is going to begin the process of reopening government senior secondary schools from September 21 on an experimental basis.

The need for having proper representation of female teachers has been long felt in Gurugram for the safety of students. With a large number of cases still being registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, most female teachers in public schools here were entrusted with the responsibility to educate children of the 'good and bad touch'. In the past, there have been cases of male teachers being arrested for molesting girl students.

In addition to the poor representation of female teachers, there have also been certain infrastructure deficiencies that have been found in certain public schools. The district administration has been asked to work on these deficiencies for the benefit of the students who are studying in these educational institutions.

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