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Delhi women want to look as young as Sridevi, opt for weekend facelift

Mini face lift technique is a craze among Delhi’s women. It is a cosmetic surgery which is also known as ‘weekend face lift’ and this surgery is done on the parts of neck, lower jaw and on the cheeks to tighten up the wrinkles on their face which makes them look younger than what their actual age is.

‘This is done with the help of local anesthesia and it is safe and less expensive in comparison to other surgeries,’ said Dr Ajay Kashyap, Cosmetic Surgeon of Nova Specialist Surgery, New Delhi. ‘The procedure is like small cuts are being made on the skin surface gently with full precautions and care below the neck and chin portion and for neck laser technology is being used’ added Dr Kashyap.

This surgery consumes very less time even less than 1 hour and the patient recovers within 48 to 78 hours. For this you need not bring the patient into an unconscious state. This surgery does not lead to any kind of swelling up or any burning sensation on the skin. There are certain limitations in this too like the deep dark cirles and wrinkles cannot be cured.

Mostly the ladies ranging between the age of 30 to 40 years are adopting this surgery more to reduce their signs of ageing and look more alluring. This surgery easily transforms a 40 year old lady into a 20-25 year old lady with less consumption of time and money.
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