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Delhi to romance Romeo and Juliet

Delhi to romance Romeo and Juliet
The show is to be presented as homage to the pioneer of Opera in India, Francis Wacziarg. Charles Gounod who composed the music of the Opera had long been interested in turning the Shakespeare play into an opera. His librettists Jules Barbier and Michel Carré purposefully chose to adhere closely to Shakespeare’s play as seen in the choral prologue which contains the words of the dialogue from the play.

The opera is in five acts: The Capulets’ Ball, The Garden of Juliet, the Cell of Friar Laurence and a Street near the Capulet’s Palace, Juliet’s Room at Dawn, and Juliet’s Tomb. The cast includes Indian singers Amar Muchhala (tenor) from London as Romeo, Aude Priya (soprano) who has been a part of many other productions by TNMF, as Juliet, Vikrant Subramanian (baritone) as Mercutio, Sparsh Bajpai (soprano) as Stefano, Toshanbor Singh Nonbet (tenor) as Benvolio, Prabhat Chandola (tenor) as Tybalt, Madhav Raina Thapan (baritone) as Paris, Clifford Afonso (baritone) as Gregorio,  Ramya Roy (Mezzo Soprano) as Getrude, and visiting singers from France Paul Medioni (Bass) as Friar Laurent and Bernard Ohanian(baritone) as count Capulet.  A symphonic instrumental concert on the theme of ‘Destiny’ is also being presented on 20th March at 7.00 pm at Kamani Auditorium with the Orchestra of the Romeo & Juliet opera, joined by Indian musicians.

WHEN: 18, 19, 21 March
WHERE: Kamani Auditorium
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