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Delhi sees first ‘yellow ribbon’ campaign to fight hepatitis

Delhi sees first ‘yellow ribbon’ campaign to fight hepatitis
Delhi health minister A  K Walia on Tuesday inaugurated the 15th Hepatitis Day event at the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) in the presence of the Minister of Education, Social Welfare and Child Development D Kiran Walia and other distinguished officials of Delhi Government and ILBS.

The government of NCT of Delhi had declared 4 December as the official Hepatitis Day for the state of Delhi and launched a mass awareness drive against the menace of hepatitis as the first yellow ribbon campaign in the country. The colour ‘yellow’ was chosen as it represented jaundice: ‘yellow’ is the most conspicuous symptom of the liver disease.

The theme for the 15th Hepatitis Day was ‘viral hepatitis, together we can fight to win’. The theme assumes significance in view of the fact that viral hepatitis, an infection of the liver, is a global health problem affecting all age groups and people from all walks of life. In most of the cases, the disease is self-limiting but occasionally, it can lead to serious complications.

Kiran said ‘This year the emphasis is on prevention. General sanitary measures like safe drinking water, avoidance of use of common razors and toothbrushes with patients of liver disease, use of sterile needles and syringes, practicing safe sex can prevent the transmission of hepatitis viruses.’

S K Sarin, director of ILBS stated that ‘India is fast becoming a very rights oriented society. However, before rights comes knowledge and awareness. One should not outsource their health.’ He added further that ‘One should have safe and hygienic water and food. Simple steps on part of individuals and governments based on knowledge about hepatitis can ensure a hepatitis free India.’

To drive home the core message about viral hepatitis, various innovative programs were organized at ILBS, ranging from poster.

competitions to family counseling sessions etc. More than forty Delhi schools participated in events like poster competition, slogan writing competition and fancy dress competition.

A K Walia also released a 15 -minute documentary drama on viral hepatitis, which was prepared specially for the occasion.
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