Delhi ready for some trials and errors?

Delhi ready for some trials and errors?
Years ago, a ripple was created across the nation as the shoe throwing incident involving former United States President George Bush was brought to life on stage by filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, with Arvind Gaur's Asmita theatre group.

No one in their wildest dreams would have imagined that this international incident would be adapted in a country like India. The journalist Muntadar Al Zaidi who had committed the act himself graced the occasion and was moved to tears after watching the critically acclaimed play
The Last Salute
, with Arvind Gaur's Asmita theatre group.

Bhatt who is no stranger to social issues as over the years he has helmed films after films including the likes of Saransh and Zakhm that have touched the nerves of our society and the issues that affect us. However, theatre was an altogether new medium for him and he had no inhibitions that it might not reap into rich dividends.

Come 2013 and he is again team up with Sandiip Kapoor who produced
The Last Salute
, this time with Trial of Error which looks at the grave problem of Muslim youth being branded as terrorists and the trauma they face during the process of fighting for justice.

'Play is dying in India, and these issues will strike in the audiences' mind and heart. It is an issue that has been long ignored by the people but continues to rupture the social fabric of our country. It has been an issue which has always been close to me and I am quite vocal about it,' says Sandiip Kapoor.

'Whenever any bomb blast occurs in the country, the finger points towards the Muslim community and without checking the facts they are picked up, humiliated and stuffed in jails. It is often the young generation who suffer this fate. Imagine their plight at a time when they should be planning their future, they lose their innocence handcuffed under the tag of extremism,' he added.

Trial of Error
explores the life of a journalist Rehan on the lookout for truth of what is happening with the minority community in the country. His only fault is that he is one of them. During the course of his investigation, he falls into a trap by the police and is embroiled in a vicious circle where the system puts him down on every single stride. The play captures his struggle to prove his innocence against the system that ultimately labels him a terrorist.

Delhi-based actor Imran Zahid , who had essayed the role of Muntadar Al Zaidi, will be seen playing the protagonist, Rehan in The Trial of Error, which is scheduled to be staged on Friday 29 March, 2013, 7 pm at Shriram Center , Mandi house. 'I portray the role of Rehan, a journalist, who investigates on the atrocities one particular community in India is being subjected to,' says Imran Zahid. Zahid was last seen in the movie
Jism 2
in a small role and is currently working on his movie Marksheet.

The play will also be taken to Lucknow ,Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Patna, Ranchi, Aligarh, Srinagar, Hyderabad, Banglore, Jammu, Pune and Dubai.

'We condemn and oppose the agencies’ habit of jumping to conclusions that certain Muslim groups might be involved in terror acts after every blast,' said the film-maker, Mahesh Bhatt.

The play will be directed by three-time National award-winning playwright Waryam Mast, a leading theatre personality who started his career in theatre in 1974, under the guidance of international theatre personality Shri. Balwant Gargi. It is being penned by Rajesh Kumar, who wrote
The Last Salute.
He endeavours to bring this important social issue through this play.

The Trial of Errors,
produced jointly by Sandiip Kapoor and Mahesh Bhatt, is based on real life stories of Muslim youth arrested as terror suspects and being forced to spend the best years of their lives in jail and being released without a case against them, except the taint of a terrorist, which these youths weren’t, to begin with.
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