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Delhi Police to go for major crackdown on agents and touts

After being subjected to intensive interrogation, the cab driver who raped a woman passenger on December 5 revealed the name of the individual by whose help he had procured the forged police-issued clearance certificate, police said on Wednesday.

The police, however, did not reveal the identity of the individual fearing that he might flee. Police are also yet to find out the individual’s alleged links with Regional Transport Office (RTO) officials. That is where the accused Shiv Kumar Yadav (32) had submitted the forged certificate to avail a All India tourist permit for his cab. The cab was later used for providing service under international cabs firm Uber.

“The RTO at Burari is under scanner and the police will soon go for a major crackdown on agents and touts who help people with such forged documents,” said Madhur Verma, Deputy Commissioner of Police (North). He further said, the police has also asked the Burari RTO that how such a forged document was firstly accepted by the authorities.

During interrogation, Shiv Kumar Yadav told police that he had contacted a private individual to get the forged certificate done, and he was charged only a few hundred bucks for that. It was a poorly forged document, produced just with the help of a photocopy machine by placing one-half of one document over the other, said the senior official.

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