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Delhi police nabs Baby Falak’s father

The father of two-year-old Falak, who had died a painful death on 16 March, after a two-month battle for life at AIIMS, was finally nabbed by the Delhi police.

As per the Child Welfare Committee [CWC] order, Delhi police was asked to trace Falak’s father. Following which the police conducted raids at various places to trap him. On Thursday, the police arrested Mohammad Shah Hussain at Gurgaon. ‘During interrogation, it was revealed that he was an accused of a gang rape in Bihar,’ said Chhaya Sharma, Deputy Commissioner of Police [south district].

On 16 March, baby Falak died after surviving two painful months in AIIMS Trauma Centre. During the medical treatment, the two-year-old baby, suffered two heart attacks, underwent five surgeries. But finally she lost the battle. Her death had created a grim atmosphere in the AIIMS as the staff got emotionally attached to her. Baby Falak’s case had also moved the public who were seen offering prayers for her life.

Earlier, the police had arrested 10 people on suspicion, including RajKumar Gupta, who was alleged to be the key accused. He was the man who had handed over Falak to his 15-year-old girlfriend, who brought the baby to the hospital on 18 January.

A woman, identified as Pratima, was also arrested for allegedly running a human trafficking racket. Pratima took Falak from one Laxmi and handed her over to Rajkumar who in turn gave her to the teenaged girl whom he allegedly abused sexually.

Laxmi, who is also underarrest, had befriended Munni, Falak’s biological mother, and persuaded her to leave her abusive husband and re-marry. She had arranged for a second husband for the 22-year-old Munni and also kept her three children, including Falak with herself and subsequently gave them away.

On January 18, Falak was brought to the hospital by a 15-year-old girl who had claimed to be her mother. The girl told the doctors that the baby had fallen from bed. She was admitted with a fractured skull, broken arms, human bite marks all over her body and cheeks branded with hot iron. The doctors monitoring the baby had said it was an intense experience and that they had never seen a baby in such condition before.


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