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Delhi Police launch Stage-II trial run of auto theft application

Delhi Police launch Stage-II  trial run of auto theft application
Delhi Police have taken an initiative to bring an e-facility on public domain wherein, a complainant can register FIR related to theft of his vehicle through the platform. One can access  the MV Theft App by visiting the official website of Delhi from anywhere without coming to a police station. This facility can be accessed from computers and tablets and later on a mobile app will be launched.

In order to mitigate the pain and suffering of those who become victims of auto thefts, Delhi Police have devised an elaborate computer/cell phone based system. It also incorporates processes to keep the complainant informed of the efforts made. 

The Delhi high court and the district court have designated ACMM-I of all the 11 districts as e-courts to accept the final reports. This is probably to be the first ever automated digitised system from FIR to final report for auto thefts in the world.

The statement says that the Stage-I level trial started on April 16, 2015, has been successful with 9,280 FIRs being registered till date, 6,983 untraced reports submitted to the 11 designated e-courts, out of which 4,337 final reports have been accepted by the e-courts.

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