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Delhi Police hire 2 cameras worth Rs 1 cr each to keep watch around Red Fort

For the first time, Delhi Police will be using two highly-specialised CCTV cameras to keep a hawk’s eye on the movement of the masses as part of the security arrangements for the I-Day this year. Talking about these specialised CCTV cameras known to have the power of 101x HD, an officer shared that mostly these are used in cricket matches.

According to the senior officers of the North district, to ensure that the entire venue and the surrounding area is under the direct surveillance of the security agencies, Delhi Police have hired two 101x HD cameras apart from the hundreds of CCTV cameras already installed near the historical Red Fort.

Explaining how the camera works, an officer shared that one camera covers an area more than 5 km. The vision of these cameras is very powerful. One can even get view of the Intercontinental Hotel from Red Fort. While the cost of one camera runs in crores, we have hired each camera for Rs 1 crore.

The Delhi Police officer said: “This is the first time that we will be using 101x HD cameras. Apart from these, we will be using 35 tyre killers which will be installed at vulnerable blockade points. Tyre killers are used to stop over-speeding vehicles. Last year, we had used 7 tyre killers.”

Talking about the Delhi Police have secured the Red Fort, DCP Madhur Verma (North) said that they have identified 1,800 points inside the Red Fort.

“Since there are a lot of rooms and small rooms with windows, we have identified 105 windows and deployed watchers accordingly. Apart from the windows, we have deployed 50 personnel at the roof who will watch over the venue. Moreover, there will be paragliding teams on the roof top.” Verma further shared as part of the steps to empower more women to join the police forces, Delhi Police have recruited 140 policewomen from the North-Eastern states. He said: “Out of these 140 personnel, 100 policewomen will be specially deployed at and around the Red Fort. Through this, they will get a firsthand experience of handling security at a major event.”

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