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Delhi Police: Forcibly kissing a woman on busy street is not molestation

A stranger tries to forcibly kiss a woman in Delhi’s Connaught Place, the heart of the city, in broad daylight. The woman manages to catch hold of the man with the help of <g data-gr-id="31">passersby,</g> while her friend calls the Delhi police, who arrive 40 minutes later.

They take him aside, talk to him and then ask the victim to lodge a written complaint. She does it twice, which they reject for being ‘not clear’. When her friend submits a third one saying the incident was a case of molestation, the cops come up with a bizarre explanation: just trying to kiss a girl is not <g data-gr-id="34">molestation</g>!

Clearly, Delhi cops seem to be the least concerned that their response would further dent the city’s image of being unsafe for women.

Recounting the ordeal in her Facebook post, the woman’s friend, Radhika Singh, says: “She was walking down M Block (near Barakhamba red light) Connaught Place, when this gentleman (Nikhil) came and tried kissing her in broad daylight. This happened in one of the most crowded places and no, she was not dressed inappropriately (coz that is what many in our society think when a girl is harassed) - so, she got hold of the guy and started screaming at him, when some passersby came and helped her nab him.”

She then writes how the cop at the police station, Sanjiv Kumar, rejected the third complaint.
“She (the victim) wrote an application and the <g data-gr-id="38">sub inspector</g> ( Mr. Sanjiv Kumar) rejected right away saying she was not clear. She wrote an application 2nd time - again he said she hasn’t explained “in detail” what has happened to him and what this guy did to her...<g data-gr-id="42">Finally</g> I offered to write an application in very clear words... It was again rejected by the <g data-gr-id="39">sub inspector</g> saying that I wrong in thinking that she was molested. According to him just trying to kiss a girl is NOT molestation!!!!!!!!!” Singh wrote on Facebook. Singh further wrote that people standing and watching the chain of events said, “u know he is just a guy... Let him go”.

But what the cops then did is likely to spell fresh trouble for the victim — they passed the victim’s phone number to the stranger’s parents, who called her on Sunday night. 
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