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Delhi Metro sees an alarming upsurge in crime this year

Delhi Metro sees an alarming upsurge in crime this year
Every hour, three theft cases are reported in the Delhi Metro while in a day at least 87 cases are registered with the police. According to the data provided by the Delhi Police, in 2015 since January 1 to November 22, 2768 theft incidents have been reported as compared to last year where the figure was only 2173.

Similarly, the total number of crimes registered with the Metro police has been increasing over the past two years. In 2013, 980 cases were registered while in 2014, 2307 cases were registered. In 2015 till November 22, 2881 cases have been registered which further depicts the rise in the crime graph.

Apart from theft cases, those of robberies were also reported within the premises of the Metro stations. In 2013, 2 cases of robbery were registered with the number doubling in 2014 with 4 cases being registered. Meanwhile, in 2015 till November 22, 7 cases of robbery have been reported.

Cases of molestation, eve-teasing and rape committed against women in the vicinity of the Metro stations reported over the past two years raises questions on the security of the thousands of female passengers who use the Metro. In 2013, 16 cases of molestation were registered while in 2014, 26 cases were registered. However, in 2015, 15 molestation cases have been registered till November 22. Cases of eve-teasing reported in 2013 were 11 while in 2014, the number rose to 26. In 2015, till November 22, 15 cases have been registered.

Irrespective of the heavy deployment of police at the entry points of the Metro stations, anti-social elements make it through to the stations and indulge in various criminal activities. 

According to a Metro official, the ridership crossed over 27 lakh passengers in 2014 and it has only been increasing over time. Amidst heavy rush at the Metro stations, especially at the interchanging stations like Rajiv Chowk, Kashmere Gate and Central Secretariat, the presence of police personnel does not deter the anti-social elements from committing crimes against women which further adds to the woes of the commuters.

Although in 2013 no rape case was reported there was one rape case registered in 2014. Meanwhile, in 2015, two rape cases have been registered.
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