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Delhi Metro goes ‘smart’ to top-up travel cards

Delhi Metro goes ‘smart’ to top-up travel cards
In a move to help Metro commuters top-up their Metro Contactless Smart Tokens (CST) faster and without queuing-up at Metro stations, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has decided to broaden the top-up channels. 

If all go as per the DMRC’s plans, commuters can use Internet banking, debit cards, mobile banking, interactive voice response system (IVRS) and automatic top-up using standing instructions to recharge their travel smart cards.

To make this a reality, the DMRC will require the assistance of a bank, which has affiliation with MasterCard/VISA or equivalent agency approved by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). 

The bank will provide a relationship manager, who will take care of all token/card-related issues of Metro commuters. There will be a Contact Centre, where commuters can register their complaints and the disputes will be resolved through a complaint management system. Complaint status tracking through the Internet and SMS shall also be enabled. The bank shall also provide training to its staff to help them mitigate the risks arising out of any misuse of cards.

At present, the DMRC is using Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system through Contactless Smart Card (CSC) and Contactless Smart Token (CST). 

In case of a single journey, a commuter uses a token issued by the Ticket Office Machine (TOM) counter at Metro stations. 

In case of multiple journeys, the DMRC issues a CSC at a cost of Rs 150. This recharge amount is placed on an electronic chip in the card and the travel fare is deducted as and when a passenger makes a journey, using this card. 

The AFC system permits multiple journeys from a card as long as the stored value is greater than the minimum fare fixed by the DMRC.

If the stored amount is less than the limit, the card will have to be topped-up by paying money in cash at TOM. 
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