Delhi learns how to brew it right

Delhi learns how to brew it right
A Recent event in the city gave Delhites a taste of some good old recipes from the best beer brewmasters.  A beer appreciation session at a cafe was organised with the 5th generation brewmaster at Anheuser-Busch and the director of the Brewmaster Outreach for Anheuser-Busch, George Reish. George flew down to the capital and dispelled some myths and also shared some facts about how to drink your beer  'the right way.'

With tables equipped with roasted barley malt, chocolate malt, caramel malt, rice grains, wheat malt, dried hops and three bottles- one with cold wort, fermentation sample and end of lager sample, it was definitely a crash course of sorts for the amateurs.

As George walked in, he flaunted a medallion and explained why he was wearing it. 'This medallion, is given to me when I got knighted in Belgium. Like some achievements in life this is one of the few rare ones,' said George.

He also said that he came to India to make people fall in love with beer once again. He briefly charted a history of beer, and the many varieties of beer that is available from ales to lager and the different ways they are brewed.

He said that the major difference between ale and lager is that it is brewed under different climatic conditions and the effect of climate on the reproduction of yeast. George also added that tastes vary depending on the type of yeast used.

He went on to explain how the malts kept at the table tasted and were actually used in brewing the beer. Barley, wheat, rice grains all are a part in making beer while chocolates, caramel add flavour to it and hops are used as  spice.

'If  you are a beer lover you should know, that water can kill but beer wouldn't,' said George. He added that: 'Germs cannot breed in beer, while it can breed in water.'

Also dispelling some myths about getting a beer belly, George said that beer doesn't give 'beer belly', it comes only from the food. He explains,'Beer makes you hungry, therefore beer should be drunk before or with food and not after food as it digests really fast making one hungry. So you know where does that belly come from.'

He also said that beer helps in making food taste better and relaxes, and rejuvenates the mind. Thereafter,  George spoke about how beer should be poured and what food goes best with it.

'Beer should be poured in the middle of the container so that the carbon goes out otherwise the carbon would go into the body and bloat it. Also, there are so many recipes where one could cook with beer and also pair up with beer,' added George.

George will also be in Mumbai and Bangalore for similar sessions.
Lina Pegu

Lina Pegu

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