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‘Delhi has no place for anarchists’

Without naming Kejriwal or his party, Modi said if the AAP leader wants to be an “anarchist” as he has claimed to be, he should go to the jungles to join naxals as Delhi cannot have anarchy. Kejriwal, during a protest while being the Chief Minister last year, had said he is an “anarchist”.

In a hard hitting address, Modi appealed to the voters to elect BJP which has “mastery in running government” instead of those who have “mastery in dharnas and protests”, an apparent reference to Kejriwal and his party.

“Can we give the task of cooking to a driver? Driver will drive well. That is why those people who have mastery in sitting on footpaths, blocking roads, doing dharnas everyday, should be given that work. Our mastery is running a good government. Give us that job,” Modi told the gathering.

He also suggested that Kejriwal indulged in “lies” and said voters would punish him. In an apparent reference to Kejriwal’s comment made almost a year back that he was an “anarchist”, Modi said “if somebody is an anarchist, he should go to the jungles and join the Naxals. Do not allow Delhi’s pride to be affected by anarchy. Delhi will not benefit from it.”

Indirectly referring to resignation by the Kejriwal government on February 14 last year after being in power for 49 days, he said, “People should punish those because of whom one year of Delhi was wasted.”

Delhi, which is under President’s Rule as no government could be found after Kejriwal resigned, is expected to have Assembly polls next month.

At the rally at Ramlila Ground attended by all three new BJP Chief Ministers of Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand, Modi sought a clear mandate for his party to ensure all round development and help create a “new” Delhi.

Promising to take Delhi to new heights of development, he said people here will be given an option of choosing their power service provider on the lines of mobile number portability, becoming the first city to have such a facility.

He said the government was all set to take some “revolutionary steps in Delhi which no one had thought” and talked about option of choosing power service providers through portability on the line of mobile number portability.

“Just like you can choose the service provider for your mobile phone, you will be able to choose your electricity provider,” Modi said.
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