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Delhi, future cinema city : Prasoon

Delhi, future cinema city : Prasoon
At Osian, Prasoon Joshi, ad guru, songwriter, screenplay writer, put the spotlight back on Delhi. ‘Delhi is the future cinema city not by default but by design,’ said Joshi. It was hard not to draw a comparison of the city with the city of dreams ‘Mumbai’.

‘Bombay has a different set up and it is almost enigmatic for the youth who are into film-making. It is more about chance and luck,’ said Joshi.

He said Delhi can become a film city by design unlike Mumbai which became a film hub by accident. ‘Delhi can prove to be a counter to Mumbai where newcomers are often lost. Mumbai has a certain texture, and Delhi can also develop a texture for cinema. However, Delhi must learn how to promote popular culture,’ he said.

Joshi said all kinds of films must co-exist. Films should be able to leave an impact. ‘Cinema was at one time only an amusement as people loved to see moving pictures, but that has changed,’ Joshi said.

Cinema is business, but Joshi said he has learnt to be charitable when needed.

He said in India we are fortunate to have literature join hands with popular culture. There are several inspirations from literary figures in the movies. ‘I can hardly make out some lyrics because the beats are too loud,’ he said while responding to a comment about music in films.

When asked about the difference between film-making and advertising, he said advertisements are a way of selling a product while films are products themselves and that is where the difference comes.
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