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Delhi boy hits Bollywood

While Bollywood might be all about monopoly of big names and dynasties, a new pack of young guns are raring to go to make their own mark. Abhishek Anand is one of them. This young actor made his debut with Chakradhaar that hit the screens on 15 June.

Speaking to Millennium Post about his debut, Anand said he was all excited to be entering the industry with some great co-actors supporting him. Produced by his father Bharat Anand, Chakradhaar is all about a simple boy who is forced to revolt when corruption pushes him to the wall.

The story is based on a real-life incident, Anand explains. The plot of
revolves around the son of a peon who joins Banaras University to fulfil his father’s dreams. A topper from Delhi University, the character Shravan comes back to his hometown for further education. But as luck would have it — the simple boy is pushed to the brink by torture and his family’s murder. Ripped apart by the inherent corruption of the educational system, Shravan is forced to pick up the revolver when time comes.

According to Anand, the real incident got hushed up by the media due to the involvement of the mafia and politicians and thus this tragedy never reached the masses. But when the chance came to get the story on 70 mm, there was no looking back.

Corruption is more in smaller cities, says Anand, since the politicians are more integrally involved with the workings of the system. However, Anand is convinced that with his movie reaching the masses, the evil that corruption breeds will become more evident to the audience. Some stories need to be told and Shravan’s story is one of them, feels Anand.

This Delhi boy has the starts of his histrionics planted in a theatre background. Anand came to Mumbai, auditioned hard and then landed a role in Chakradhaar. He describes himself as a passionate guy who has a soft spot for realistic cinema.

‘Godfathers and mentors don’t matter if you have talent,’ says Anand, ‘Aapka kaam matter karta hai [your work matters].’

Anand worked hard to do his background search on the character he plays, and the fact that Sharavan was a common man who took on the system, inspired him the most.

‘The common man is not weak,’ says Anand, and Chakradhaar proves that.
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