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Delhi Assembly Speaker initiates ‘breach of privilege’ against LoP

The allegation against Gupta was made by Delhi deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

“Gupta has not denied issuing the press release which has the contents of the CAG report. A member of the House leaking the contents of the report before the CAG report is tabled in the House is breach of the privilege of the House,” said Goel referring the matter to the Privilege Committee of the Delhi Assembly. 

The members of AAP objected to the press release issued by Gupta on August 24 in which he had quoted the findings of the CAG report to criticise the government. The Speaker repeatedly asked Gupta to reply if he had issued the press release or not. Gupta refused to reply in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and demanded the Speaker to give him opportunity to present his view which the Speaker denied.

“CAG sends the report to Finance Minister and Lieutenant Government. How did Gupta get the contents of the report before it was tabled? It’s breach of the privilege of the House... strict action be taken against him,” argued Sisodia. All the MLAs of AAP demanded action against Gupta.

“The entire report reached media before it was tabled in the House. The Speaker is speaking the language of the government,” said Gupta. Earlier, Gupta had given a breach of privilege notice against Sisodia for misguiding the House on August 24 that he was not in possession of the CAG report. The Speaker rejected the notice arguing tabling the report in the House is responsibility of LG.
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