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Delectable Chinese Cuisine

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Delectable Chinese Cuisine

Set in an environment of casual sophistication and easy plenitude, The China Kitchen offers a traditional and authentic Chinese dining experience. Sharing the premises of Hyatt Regency, the restaurant has launched its new menu in August 2016.

Last changed in 2014, the new mouth-watering menu comprises of dumpling selection such as glutinous rice chicken roll, spinach mushroom dumpling etc and an array of meat and poultry dishes such as braised spicy pork, twice cooked crispy duck with five spices with Beijing sesame pancake etc. The new menu aims to bring novel things with freshness and focuses on variety by offering dishes from mapo tofu puff, crispy crab claws to hot & sour truffle mushroom soup.

Some of the signature dishes the new menu will serve are chilly jumbo crabs served with freshly baked baguette, twice cooked crispy lamb shank and the legendary signature peking duck. It is not just the food; there have been new additions to the desserts as well. The cognac chocolate cigar and chinese egg tarts are definitely not to miss out on.

As Executive Chef at Park Hyatt Beijing, Aw Yong Khing Leong embarked upon his amazing journey with Hyatt International Hotels in Singapore, where he assumed office as Executive Sous Chef, overseeing hotel kitchen operations including the renowned six-star restaurant, Nutmegs. In recent years, Chef Aw Yong has illustrated experience, and gathered much knowledge on Chinese cuisines from various regions through opening projects. Since 2007, Chef Aw Yong actively involved in the opening of China’s first Park Hyatt hotel and is the culinary expert to formulate the cuisines and positioning of all the restaurants in the hotel.

Aside from his broad culinary experience in different countries, Aw Yong won his reputation through his achievements in many global events such as Bocuse d’Or Cooking Competition in Lyon, France (Top in Asia) and Sapporo International Culinary Art Contest in Japan. 

As Captain of the Singapore National Culinary Team, Aw Yong led his team to the 3rd Runner-up position at The Culinary Olympics / IKA Hago in Frankfurt, Germany; 10th Annual Food and Hotel Asia Salon Culinaire, 3rd Salon Culinaire Mondial in Basle, Switzerland; American Culinary Classic in Chicago, USA and Would Culinary Art Festival in Vancouver, Canada, to name just a few.



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