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Deep Chand Bandhu hospital’s nurses go on strike

The OPD services at Delhi government’s Deep Chand Bandhu hospital was affected on Tuesday as 57 contractual nursing staff members went on a strike.

The nursing staff members are demanding of them being made permanent employees.

According to the senior officials at the hospital, the reason of strike by the contractual employees was to put pressure on the authorities to make them permanent employees.

Dr Vijay Kumar, Deputy Medical Superintendent said: “We normally get a set of contractual employees who assist in nursing and administrative formalities. The terms of some of the contractual employees are coming to an end on December 16. Fearing that they will not be reinducted, they along with some other contractual employees, have abandoned their responsibility.”

In mentioning there was a problem been faced at the hospital due to the strike of the employees, Dr Kumar added: “There is a shortage of staff in our hospital so a nursing staff does play a vital role in managing the operations at OPD and the administrative functions. The strike by the contractual nursing staff has affected the OPD services of the hospital.”
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