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Decoding human conflicts

Decoding human conflicts
Capital’s art lovers had a treat during artist Ramakant Thumrugoti’s solo exhibition, titled To Live Again.  The series of 40 paintings followed contemporary, multi-layered, abstract and semi-abstract art with minimal craft. Artist’s exhibited works were in oil-on-canvass, acrylics and mixed media. The subject of this series is mainly focussed on human conflicts.

Each painting was presented with a two-line elucidation in words that direct the viewer’s interest to the artist’s stand point painting titled, To Live Again read  ‘A part of me was the unbearable baggage I was carrying all these years. Needed to unburden myself.’

Another art work titled The Alchemist Among Us read, ‘He just looked like you and me. His belief in himself made a world of difference to our way of looking at things.’ Thumrugoti has elaborated many other themes like these in his recent exhibition. 

This was the final edition of the four-series shows that began in Japan with Of Human Bondage (2007), The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (2011) and Choices we made (2012). 
As an art theoretician, Thumrugoti has founded and contributed extensively to the Transcend Art Movement. 

Transcend Art reflects the artist’s muse. The expression along with the artists’ narration allows the viewer to understand the intellectual stance of the subject. This helps in better understanding of contemporary art. 
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