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Declare people who died due to problems post-demonetisation as martyrs'

"We welcome the demonetisation decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is said that it was introduced for the well-being of the country. We demand that those who have lost their lives due to the move should be given martyr status," said Soren while speaking in the state assembly on Thursday. 

The winter session of the state assembly began earlier on Thursday.

"Those who died due to problems faced because of demonetisation should not only be accorded martyr status but they should be honoured like security personnel as these people have lost their lives for the country. The compensation and other facilities should be extended to them like for security personnel."

Soren said the execution of the demonetisation move was done in a wrong manner. 

"The central government brought demonetisation to divert the attention of the people from its failure on different fronts. It has been executed without making fool-proof preparations," the opposition leader added.

In Jharkhand, four people have lost their lives due to the severe economic crisis they faced post-demonetisation. 

Two persons died while standing in queue at banks to exchange their old notes. 

A total of 42 people have died across the country in incidents related to problems they reportedly faced since the demonetisation of high-value bank notes was announced on the night of November 8.
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