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Deceased ACP’s wife succumbs to injuries

Deceased ACP’s wife succumbs to injuries
The wife of deceased ACP Amit Singh, Sarita Singh who had jumped off from the fourth floor of their residence and was admitted to Yathartha Hospital, succumbed on Wednesday noon, to injuries and multiple organ failures. Sarita was the witness in this case who could share some information about the incident with Noida police. The couple is survived by their 18-month-old daughter Kavaya.

The hospital authority said that she died around 12 pm due to kidney and liver failure that led to a cardiac arrest situation. The hospital further informed that she was admitted with multiple fractures and ruptured blood vessels around 10.30 pm on Monday. 

“She had received multiple fractures in her ribs, spinal cord and pelvic girdles with critical injures in the chest and stomach. The major blood vessels of her body were ruptured badly which caused excessive blood loss. She had also gone in shock that could not maintain the body’s blood pressure,” said a doctor.

“She had been kept on ventilation and under observation under five doctors. She finally had a cardiac arrest due to low blood pressure and then succumbed to multiple organ failures,” he added.
Superintendent of Police (City), Dinesh Yadav said: “She was the one who could have helped in police investigation but she is no more. The family members are in shock after the couple’s death. We are not in the situation to get information but we will investigate it at a later time.” 

Amit hailed from Chapara, Bihar while her wife Sarita Singh belongs to Banda, Uttar Pradesh. Sarita had done Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS).
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