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Dear Readers

Some social media platforms and websites have run a story on an American satire show by Jon Stewart where correspondent Jason Jones reports on a fake news item that he has ‘planted’ in Millennium Post.  

A video grab of the show has a female reporter agreeing to publish a story in the paper if she is paid ‘2,500 bucks’.  We would like to clarify here that she is a trainee journalist and not a full-time employee with us. Her words should not be ascribed to us. Nor did we receive payment for any such story. 

It was a lapse on our part to let such a story find its way into one of our entertainment pages. 

Initial investigation shows the story was planted by an Indian journalist claiming to work for a foreign media company who was contacted by the show’s producers. Brennan Shroff, the chief producer of the show, has reportedly said this was simply a joke

But journalism is not a joke for us. We will fight back any effort to tarnish our hard-earned image of publishing no half truths through all available legal options. We wish to remind our readers that we will always strive to uphold the highest journalistic standards.

Daipayan Halder
Executive Editor       
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