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Dear app-cabs, with love

Dear app-cabs, with love
It has been quite a while that I have got acquainted with you. Now, you are lot more than an acquaintance, you are almost like my go-to-go friend, who is never devoid of solutions. Thinking back to the times when I had to stand under the scorching sun and cajole the autowallahs to drop me home after a long day of shopping with my mom whenever we went without our car. The joyful day would always end on a dismal note. We most of the times offered to pay them more than the said amount but that too seemed too less to satisfy their malicious greed. 

The ‘kaali-peeli’ taxis were too expensive to suit a middle-class budget back then, people generally used them to go to the airport and the railway stations. Who would want to pay Rs 600 for a 20 km distance after all! I fondly recall how the taxis were only for those who could afford the ‘luxury’. 

Unlike Kolkata and Mumbai, it was not a vastly-used mode of transportation in Delhi. It was always treated as the substitute. One had to pre-book a taxi in case of an emergency. However, the fear of getting the cancellation message on the last hour always haunted the commuter. But now a cab is just a tap away, with a well-monitored system and at an exceptionally affordable price list. It is no more a hole-digging and pocket-hurting service, whose repercussions would make us feel bad about it time and again. Thank you, app-based cabs for making our lives simpler! You may take a bow. 
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