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Deal of hundreds

Deal of  hundreds
A 100 Many-Splendoured Things displays works of all contemporary art forms i.e. paintings, sculptures, etchings, prints,  post-modern forms such as installations and digital art.

The art pieces on display conjure up a world in them and communicate something unique and authentic in different modes. Some of them express the different aspects of time while others speak of the ‘imagined’ and ‘conceived’ realities.

This  melange intends to underline the ‘new art experience’ that has emerged in Indian art in recent times.

A large number of senior artistes who have contributed to the Indian art in a significant way as well as members of later generation who have created a niche for themselves in the art world are participating in this show.

Every artistes in the exhibition uses a different and unique language such as abstractions or figurative forms,  modernistic or post-modern expressions with their free-flowing, instantaneous aesthetics, and exploration and improvisation of new and unexpected spaces.The show has a well- arranged orchestration of lines, strokes, shapes, colours, textures, and figuration.

The works exhibited deal with the ideas of tradition and modernity. While working in the ‘modern’ and ‘global’ idioms of the day with utmost ease, most of the artistes seem quite aware of their tradition, their ‘rootedness’ in their original landscapes, and have made very meaningful use of being in the two worlds. How the tradition and the nativity meet the modernity and post-modernity, how the ‘local’ conjures up with the ‘global’ and what dimensions are thereby explored can beseen in this particular show.  

This show also explicitly expresses the fusion of what is called Indian and Western in the artistic creations.

Interestingly, most of the works show that the uniqueness of contemporary Indian art lies in the fact that in spite of it being an integral parat of the global art world, it has the strength of turning the colloquial and native experiences into universal ones.

The works represented in this show conjure up a world in them and communicate something unique and authentic in different modes.

The Stainless Gallery, Mathura Road When: February 6 – 9 Timings: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
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