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Dead patient’s kin ransack city hospital

AMRI Mukundapur – a renowned private hospital at the southern suburbs of the city, was ransacked by the relatives of patients, after their 6-year-old boy died Friday night.

The patient party alleged negligence on the part of hospital administration. Force from East Jadavpur police station was deployed at the hospital premises.
The hospital administration, however, ruled out any negligence in treatment, saying the boy was completely untreated for the last five days and was almost moribund when he was admitted there. The doctors in AMRI tried hard to save him, but could not succeed.

According to the police, Ayushman Das, a 6-year-old boy was admitted with high fever on Friday morning. He had undergone initial treatment, but the condition of his health did not improve. However, his body temperature kept on increasing on Friday night, but no one allegedly attended to him despite repeated requests from his family members.

The boy died at midnight. The family members turned violent, expressing their wrath against the hospital authority. Some men and women started rampaging there, breaking glass panes of the gate and some other hospital properties.

The infuriated patient party alleged that doctors and nurses paid no heed to their repeated calls to attend to the boy. “This is a private hospital. We had admitted our child there to ensure good treatment. But noone had taken care of him,’ said the bereaved family to the police.

The police, however, requested the patient party to keep calm. “The child was admitted in the hospital around 3.30 pm on Friday. He was earlier taken to the Sisumangal hospital. The hospital referred the child to ours organisation. But the boy had high fever and stomach ache, but was unattended and untreated for last five days. The other hospital referred to us when he was already in critical condition. We took him to the ICU and he was in ventilation. His blood platelets were counted 60,000,” said the medical super of AMRI Mukundapur Dr Arnab Ganguli.

“We generally do not give extra platelets to these patients, but the boy particularly was going towards multi-organ failure. His family was also informed about the situation,” the medical super added.
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