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DDA to form company to look after city’s green cover

The DDA has said that the Special Purpose Vehicle will be named “Biodiversity Mission and DDA Greens”, a non-profit organisation, under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013.

As per the plan, the different categories of DDA greens include urban parks, biodiversity parks, nature reserves and green circuits. The urban parks will include city parks, district parks and community parks. In the biodiversity parks, wetlands, biotic communities, conservatories and ecologically functional ecosystems will be included. In nature reserves, there will be ridge areas, protected forests, city forests, river fronts, lakes, etc while in the green circuits, green corridors, belts and other parks will come. It has been said that the ‘Biodiversity Mission and DDA Greens’, is an autonomous, non-profit company formed under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 by DDA for implementation of the above mission and objectives. It is fully funded either in the form of endowment or annual grants or both by the DDA.

With the aim to safeguard the built heritage, the DDA had formulated Delhi Urban Heritage Foundation (DUHF) in 1999 but now it has felt to expand the scope of the DUHF as a consequence of dealing with diverse heritage and a need arose to amend the regulations by way of broadening the scope of heritage and making it more inclusive. 

The modifications, as proposed in the regulations, is to include both ‘tangible’ as well as ‘intangible’ heritages of the city through collaborative efforts of all concerned. The ‘Tangible heritage’ includes buildings and historic places, monuments, artefacts etc which are considered worthy of preservation for the future.

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