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DCW slams ACB for harassing contractual employees, visiting their houses

The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) on Tuesday slammed the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) by stating that the officers of ACB are harassing the contractual employees of DCW by repeatedly interrogating them. 

The DCW highlighted that even as its employees are being repeatedly questioned, there is no action by the ACB on the complaint of DCW  on the alleged corrupt dealings of former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, Kiran Walia and former DCW chief Barkha Singh.  

In elaborating the kind of harassment meted out to the employees, the DCW mentioned that the officers of ACB on Tuesday took one full day in interrogating DCW’s contractual employees. Besides using long interrogating tactics, the officers of ACB are also visiting the houses and relatives of the contractual employees.

The DCW had accused Sheila Dikshit, Kiran Walia and Barkha Shukla Singh of conducting gross financial irregularities in DCW between 2007 and 2015. In the 128-page complaint copy signed by DCW Chief Swati Maliwal, Maliwal noted that wasteful expenditures and payment in lakhs to specific companies were made by DCW from 2007-2015 without following codal formalities upon the instruction of former CM Shelia Dikshit.

Maliwal also claimed to have provided proofs to back her allegations. There is, however, no lodging of FIR or even summons by the ACB to the three offenders claimed Maliwal.

Providing her reaction on the entire situation, Maliwal said:  “One wonders why is the ACB silent on the big corruption of Sheila Dikshit, Barkha Singh and Kiran Walia? Why an FIR has not been registered? It raises several worrisome concerns on the issue.” Maliwal further added: “Issues like non-payment of salaries to the staff is being deliberately created to stall the functioning of DCW.”
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