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Darjeeling DM visits North Bengal Hospital for treatment, praises infrastructure

Setting an example for others, the District Magistrate of Darjeeling, Anurag Srivastava on Thursday visited North Bengal Medical College and Hospital after he felt severe pain on his shoulder and hand.

Srivastava on Thursday visited the outpatient department of the hospital and told the doctors that he was under tremendous pain in his shoulder for last few days. With the decrease in temperature the pain was getting intensified. Unable to bear the pain the District Magistrate finally consulted the doctors.

After examining him the doctors in the hospital conducted X-Ray on his shoulder and going through its report they found that Srivastava was suffering from sodalities. The doctors prescribed him some medicine and suggested him to undergo physiotherapy. He was also advised to stay away from cold as it is causing serious trouble to his health.

While leaving the hospital, Srivastava told the media that the health service and infrastructure in the state-run hospitals have gone through a sea change. Many modern equipment have been installed in the hospitals to provide better treatment to the patients. Many private hospitals nowadays lack the facilities that the government hospitals have. Doctors in a government hospital like National Medical College and Hospital never ask their patients to undergo clinical tests when there is no such requirement. This was the reason that prompted him to visit the government hospital, said Srivastava.

The doctors and the senior officials at the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital are happy at the gestures of a top government official in the district. They said that he had set an example and this will encourage the others as well. The hospital doctors also thanked the District Magistrate as it will send a message to the other people across the state. It will also restore people’s faith on the government hospitals, said a senior official of the hospital.
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