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Daring to dream again

Afghanistan and Bosnia-Herzegovina created a new sense of vividness and a feeling of love, determination and dream. In these war torn nations, humanity has lost its core to bloodsheds, tyranny and interference from outside forces. With all the brutality its people have faced, there was a blanket of fear, lost desires and fading away off an essence. Both these nations rose up from the ground and has told the world that they are here to prosper, inspite everything and will not surrender to forces of extremity. Sports unites all and is a common platform for the world to come together and these two nations have emerged from all odds to defy resistance and seek glory. Afghanistan’s twin joy came in a space of two weeks. Firstly the nation won it’s first ever international tournament ever. Afghanistan beat India in the 2013 edition of the SAFF Cup (Football) in Nepal. Some days later the nation qualified for the ICC (Cricket) World Cup 2015 to be held in Australia and New Zealand beating Kenya in the qualifiers in Sharjah.

The next wonder came from  Bosnia-Herzegovina who beat Lithuania to qualify for the football World Cup to be held in Brazil in 2014. Its been days of celebration, satisfaction and puruit of happiness not only for the players but for the entire nation. They have been given a chance to dream all over again and inspite all odds they can now feel a new light has set upon their nation.

Hundreds of people gathered around the streets to celebrate their nation’s victories over the world. The message is loud and clear that they will reach the top and make space for themselves amongst other nations and prosper in it. In Bosnia blazing fires and the din of explosives suggested a rewind to the dark days of the remorseless Serbian siege of the city 20 years ago.

But unlike then, the streets were thronged with tens of thousands of partying Bosnians. The noise was not from Serbian artillery pieces but from fireworks. Because Bosnia’s footballers are going to Brazil. It will go down as probably the most joyful moment in the chronically divided country of Bosnia-Herzegovina in almost two decades, as qualification for next year’s World Cup triggered ecstatic all-night celebrations on the streets of the capital and other cities.

The political dysfunction and chaotic atmosphere seemed to dissolve for some time atleast. Outpouring a sense of pride, happiness filled the people in the streets.

The win in these two nations has provided a cushion and platform that results can be achieved in depressed societies. Not only in sports but also in other fields results can be achieved. The feeling to these people has been surreal and has given a boost to their spirits.

Afghanistan’s rise to be amongst the top has boulstered a symbol of hope and unity. Taliban has been the main enemy of the state and suicide bombings, division have taken place over the years.
Their twin wins have given a new ray of hope and people now want the government to cater the needs of the sportspersons and address women participating in the game. The squad has received a $1 million windfall to help them prepare to face the world’s best players.
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