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Dance goes Bodymatic!

The first day was filled with amazing performances and dances. After Enthralling the audience on Day 1, Day 2 got a houseful kick start with the performance by Meghna Bhardwaj who presented her production Ghetto. It showcased, various social and cultural issues which go into the making of a metropolitan city and our routine lives within it.

Celebrating the freedom of expression of an artiste, Neha Sharma presented her production- Commerce of arts. Through this production, she connected to minds of many artiste which have similar questions in their mind regarding their art like, Will I be able to sustain myself in every which way, through dance, in the artistic world? Or Do I need to mould or compromise on the artistic expression for me to create a sound financial support for myself? At times, I feel like I am standing in between two worlds! And I need to really look & feel deep inside…and yet another question springs up...Can’t I get the best of both the worlds?

Next was the production by Kamla Nehru College, which presented their production- Yuva Ratra, showcasing a sense of wonder, a continual innocence, a deep determination, a resolve to grow and improve every day. This yatra is a journey from a contracted existence to an expansive life. The starting step and the destination is all within.

Two day of Quarter Fest III ended with production by Dance Worx, Heart beat and Thithi which left the audience applaud for long.

The main idea behind Quarterfest is to bring in varied styles performing the contemporary adding their own touches to it. The festival promises to bring a repertoire of works reflecting varied foundations and their unique style of drawing from the same root – contemporary dance. Quarterfest is taking place under the artistic direction of Santosh Nair of Sadhya.

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