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Curious case of Srinivasan’s BCCI

In a strange twist of fate and logic, just as the Bombay High Court declared the BCCI probe investigating their alleged roles of Gurunath Meiyappan and Raj Kundra in the IPL spot-fixing scandal as ‘illegal and unconstitutional’, the former president of the world’s richest cricketing board made a surreptitious reentry into the hallowed precincts of the corridors of sporting power.

The two-member panel probe had on Monday exonerated both Meiyappan and Kundra of charges against them, including spot-fixing and illegal betting, thereby smoothening the path for the Chennai Super Kings’ boss’ quick as a lightening bolt return to the helm of affairs. The entire operation, done in a shadowy manner as in following a ghost protocol, looks staged precisely to allow the kingpin to take charge of the board again and let it return to its prelapsarian glory of heady glamour and blood-curdling drama that is the country’s sporting obsession.

Moreover, Srinivasan’s unapologetic and mulish haste to come back and rule the roost stands in stark contrast with what the Bombay HC has categorically stated, that is ‘there [were] no details [in the BCCI report] as to who took the decision for the appointment of the commission,’ calling for major suspicion at the foundational level of the sham that was dressed up as an inquiry into the discrepancies of the sixth edition of the Indian Premier League.

This, along with the Delhi police’s latest claims linking the notorious underworld don Dawood Ibrahim to the betting racket, makes it clear that the shoddy and perfunctory probe was nothing but an elaborate eyewash intended to hoodwink people into believing that Meiyappan and Kundra are innocent of their crimes. In addition, that Srinivasan continued his connection with the BCCI, despite stepping down from the top post temporarily, only puts the finger on where it hurts, which is the commission was an absolute hogwash.  In the light of the court ruling, it is a man as obstinate and as blinded by the pursuit of power as the CSK boss who would be intemperate enough to resume the post, even in the face of massive opposition to that.  

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