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Curious case of a mother

My mom is an abusive and over dramatic annoyance in my life. I am only 15 and have no voice. I’m getting very disturbed. Is there a way out?
Sujatha, Haryana

Since you can’t voice your opinion, how about writing her a letter?  I want you to make a serious effort to make your mother understand how her treatment is affecting you. When someone is constantly being exposed to negativity it begins to take its toll. Mentally it causes conflict because you know you deserve to be treated better. You can become worn down emotionally and end up depressed, hopeless, and empty inside. Your mother needs to understand the damage she is causing you. Express yourself as vividly as you can and I’m sure that life will be better soon.

I always land up dating a wrong guy. Is there something wrong with me in particular?
V Raja, New Delhi

There is a subconscious part of us that draws us to particular people, triggering a familiar feeling. We think it’s chemistry when the fireworks go off, but what’s actually happening is that your inner drama queen is having a field day. You’re bored with the nice guys and crave attention from the man who acts disinterested. Some people think they will never have chemistry with someone ‘nice’ and that could very well be true. If you don’t change your mate selection mechanism, you will subconsciously choose the same heartache every time. You will ignore the obvious red flags, believing, that ‘this relationship’ will be different, but nothing changes. Don’t take stress. Enjoy each experience with a positive frame of mind. Someone is surely made for you.

I read your column. I would like to come up with a problem of employment for the generation who are in their early 20s. At present what is the scenario of the market? It is really very worrying. Hope situations would change for the better. Your kind views would be welcome.
S Ghosh, Kolkata

 I completely understand your concern. But at the same time, I firmly believe that if the ‘will’ is strong enough, nobody can stop anybody from achieving anything! For anyone to find a job and be happy in it, it is most important to identify one’s own strength and line of interest. Finding a job is not impossible but finding a job that makes you feel right and good is a bit difficult. The job market scenario has never been a cake walk but if the determination is strong, you will find a job that will make you feel right. There are always opportunities that have to be reached out to. Wish you the power to conquer!

I can’t interact with people hence I get secluded in social gatherings. I don’t know why but I can’t make friends. I’m 22, male and single.
Anand, New Delhi

In today’s time it is indeed a bit important to meet and socialize. I suggest, you start spending time with small groups to start off with. Make it a point to participate in discussions. Initiate topics that interest you. Start interacting with strangers while travelling. 

Strangers are sometimes easier to talk to. Start with small talks and gradually weave longer conversations. Good Luck! There’s nothing to lose, just open up!

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