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Culture between covers

Culture between covers
Probably the largest cattle fair in the world, the scale of the Pushkar Fair is so immense that it cannot be comprehended in absolute terms it descends on one’s senses in fragments. It is so mystical that it oscillates between illusion and reality, leaving one gasping for more. It seems like a typical dream sequence from a psychedelic drama how a desert, a barren land that though housed many a civilization, is transformed into a vivid display of colors.

From nowhere hordes of traders, pilgrims and tourists converge in November and the entire settlement turns festive. There is movement, chaos and celebration. The otherwise religious, silent town suddenly becomes a beehive of activities.

It is this chaos that has been captured magnificently by Varun Joshi in his coffee table book Pushkar.

The book features the many aspects of the fair while accentuating every moment. A veteran with 10 coffee table books in his repertoire, Varun Joshi has gone beyond his skill sets to showcase Pushkar Fair as never seen before. ‘I was bedazzled with the magnitude of the fair and the hodgepodge of colors. It wasn’t easy to take photographs where space was a luxury, which was a unique learning experience for me,’ he said.

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