CU V-C harassment: Police verify CCTV footage

The city police have been verifying the CCTV footage available with them to identify the students who had heckled the Calcutta University vice-chancellor Sugata Marjit inside the Vivekanda College for Women on Tuesday.  
Around 95 students, who
 failed to clear the second year college examination, staged demonstration demanding approval to fill up the forms for the next class. The college authorities said that they will not be promoted to the next class as they failed to secure the minimum marks of 120 out of 600.

The students, however, adhered to their decision and continued their agitation. Some of these students heckled Marjit when he went to the college to attend a programme.

The university had sought a report from the college and had asked the college authorities on the whereabouts of the miscreants as some teachers alleged that there were some outsiders involved in the agitation. Police were examining the footages to identify the persons who heckled the vice-chancellor. Sugata Marjit on Wednesday said it might be "pre-planned".

"It looked like pre-planned and there may be political instigation behind it. Outsiders who were present had a role. A boy who was taking pictures stopped my car," he claimed.
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