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Crowd of demons?

Its true that we cannot shrug off our responsibilities by simply blaming the migrants for growing crimes. A recent article in Millennium Post, ‘Need to counter societal depravity’ by Sidharth Mishra, did bring forward their plight as well which is mostly not spoken about in any discussions. And yes lack of balanced growth amongst all states has led to such large scale migration to mostly two cities Delhi and Mumbai. Although for some reason Mumbai has less incidents reported than Delhi.

However there is feeling that the situation today is an amalgamation of various factors and changes that our society has gone through over the past few decades. Being a developing nation (still!) with majority of population residing in rural areas, coupled with lack of basic facilities (there still are no decent schools or medical facilities in most villages, no banks, hardly any electricity and growing poverty) it is no surprise that people migrate to the cities in hope of survival and betterment.

But imagine the person’s plight when after borrowing money for a train journey to Delhi to he finally gets a job as a construction labourer, building dreams and wealth for someone else.

And after a hard day’s work he would reach back to his over crowded jhuggi with dirty surroundings, no toilets, dim lighting and stale food and the sole source of entertainment one shared television set belting out some item number from a Bollywood movie. That song and vision becomes his only source of pleasure.

And that is where the second problem comes up – the Indian entertainment industry. One doesn’t know if there is any comparison on the vulgarity quotient of the entertainment programmes but definitely the quality of content of most Indian movies has deteriorated greatly since the 80s.

And if compared world wide one strongly feels that most of the Indian programmes and movies are way too low on quality of content and most movies are not even fit for family viewing!

The current trend of item numbers, cheap double meaning dialogues and complete itemisation of the female gender in general has completely altered the moral fabric of the society. Though the entertainment industry gives a defence by saying that they dish out as per the popular demand, however they do not realise the extent of damage that they can inflict on young impressionable minds.

If you recall not all crimes reported have been committed by migrants. There have been cases of classmates, neighbours, relatives, cousins who have been found guilty, not to forget the odd doctor, school teacher, nurse, or prospective employer. What drives these people to commit such crimes?

What is lacking in our education, entertainment or upbringing that the so-called god fearing culturally rich society has become a crowd of frustrated demons?

The author is a senior executive with Delhi International Airport Limited
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